Burial is a ceremony conducted for the dead by relatives and friends. a number of send-offs held by different people are dictated by religious and cultural believes.  As Public address system suppliers, we have attended almost all the types of burial ceremonies. That is the reason we have tailored public address systems for burial systems.  Below are the most common


A  priest is the motion mover. He preaches then heads the real event of putting the deceased in a grave. The ceremony involves a lot of singing and praying. Public address systems does it part by ensuring smooth functioning of equipment.


An event facilitated by Public address systems

For Muslims, they bury their dead the same day the dies and are left mourning with the family. They conduct all their religious activities on the same day. Women are not allowed to come close to the grave



Traditionally, the dead were of so much value and were believed to be watching at spiritual existence. They were therefore given a noble send off to avoid being haunted. Like with religious functions, they sang and danced. They also slaughtered an animal to conciliate the ancestors as well a  appease to the spirits.

Cultural burrial ceremony

African cultural event


Sea burial is currently spreading with many people adjusting to it. It is when people choose to cremate the body of a dead person and the remains are scattered in the sea. In such occasions, the families of the deceased plan an event at the sea show. A dress code is set, mostly black, and master of ceremony is facilitated with public address systems to conduct the event. The ceremony is more traditional than religious but has no restrictions. Ash scattering has its procedures including:

Basket method-:A basket with ash remains is decorated with roses on top and lowered gently in the sea. It is then inverted making the roses float on the water and scatter to different directions slowly.

Container Method: I this case the ashes put in a container are scattered in the sea directly without so many ceremonies. They slowly disperse in the sea while others sink immediately.

Scattering with biodegradable urn– the urns are preordained to disperse the rushes steadily into the sea. As way of paying tribute to the loved one, their families throw in flowers and petals. This method is traditionally associated with the sunset.

The advantage of this burial is that its not only echo friendly but also cheap. It also gives an environment where brains can relax as well as retain the memories. public address systems is there to  shower all the respect deserved to your loved ones during their burials.

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